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How to update and add new pages using the EJNYC Template

Editing the EJNYC Report Pages

All of the pages can be found by logging in and going to Pages >> All Pages. The home page is the top-level page named “EJNYC Report” and the following chapters/sections are nested underneath it.

Header Background Image

You must select a “Header Background Image” for any new page you add. You can then select

  • The Overlay Width: 
    • Full Width
    • Half Width
  • Include an intro paragraph
  • Change the header height

Content Editor

The content editor works like most word processing programs you are used to.  Be sure to use the proper styles for formatting. (Paragraph, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc). 

To add an image to a page, just click on the “Add Media” button above the editor.  You can select an image from the media library or upload a new image. You can then resize the image and align it left/right/center.


The following short codes are available for formatting:


[mfn Referencenumber="4"]content Goes Here[/mfn]

This inserts a footnote 1that will appear inline.


[spotlight] Content Goes Here [/spotlight]

Inserts a section with a color background. 

Alternate Color
[spotlight Background="yellow"] Content Goes Here [/spotlight]

Content goes here

Read More
[spotlight Background="yellow"] Content Goes Here [readmore] More Content Goes Here [/spotlight]

For any spotlight, if you insert a [readmore] shortcode, it will collapse the content below behind a “read more” link. For example

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Table of Contents


Creates an linked table of contents for any page with internal links. For example:


Under the formats menu, in the content editor, you’ll find some specific styles that allow you to apply certain styles to blocks of text.

Chart Map Head

Chart Map Caption

Spotlight Type
Spotlight Agency

Icon with Text

Icon with Text




statistic preamble

statistic big

statistic after



Adding a New Page

To add a new page, follow the directions in the video below.