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A mission this big needs the power of the people.

GreeNYC is an ally for New Yorkers who want to lower their energy costs, reduce waste, and make an impact on environmental justice.

Defeat the Leak

Household leaks can sink your monthly budget. Seal doors, windows, and fireplaces to keep warm air in and cold air out. Learn more about sealing leaks and easy door sealing.

Switch to LEDs

What lasts 25% longer than incandescent bulbs and can save you up to 75% on your electric bill? LED Bulbs! Make the switch – it’s better for our planet and better for your wallet!

Greener, Cleaner Clothes

Washing clothes in cold water saves a ton of energy and money – you’ll pay as little as 4 CENTS per load. Oh, you want to save even more? Try only washing full loads and using a drying rack instead of a dryer!

Follow the Energy Star

When you buy appliances with the Energy Star seal, you’ll be using 10%-50% less energy and water! Check out the Energy Star website to learn how products earn their seal of approval. Save some green by going green.

Put the Sun to Work

Going solar is easier than you might think. It can lower your energy bill and makes NYC’s future that much brighter! Learn how you or your neighborhood can go solar by visiting Solarize NYC.

Thermostats as Smart as You

Why heat an empty house? Program your thermostat to a lower temperature while you’re away (or asleep), it’ll save you 5% to 15% a month on energy bills. That’s good for your wallet, better for the planet! Learn more about programmable thermostats.

Fill that Dishwasher

Use your dishwasher the green way, fill it before you run it. Running a full dishwasher saves water, energy, and money! Choose air-dry and you’ll save even more. Making green choices saves you green!

Turn Off Electronics

Electronics use tons of energy when plugged in, even if they aren’t in use. Turn them off before you head out to save some money and energy. When you’re done for the day, just flip the switch and you’re all good!

Ride a Bike

With almost 1,500 miles of of bike lanes and more than 700 Citi Bike stations, you’ve got plenty of options for a climate-smart commute. Biking is fun, gets you moving, and cuts down on greenhouse gases.

Take Public Transit

Why drive when you can ride? NYC has one of the largest public transit systems in the world. So take the subway or bus, sit back, relax, watch that video, and maybe even take a nap (just don’t miss your stop)!

Share a Car

You can get on-demand access to a vehicle for short-term use, with dedicated parking spaces for eligible carshare organizations (CSO). It improves local air quality, reduces congestion, lowers household transportation costs, and improves mobility options.

Drive an EV

There has never been a better time for car owners to go electric. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more affordable, battery range is increasing, and more models are hitting the market. Whether trading in or starting new, consider a car that saves you money – and that helps save the planet. There are unprecedented state or federal rebates, too!

No Idling

Be a green hero, stop idling! Letting your car idle for just 11 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting, plus curbside idling is illegal. So save some gas, avoid a ticket and make the air a little better for us all!

Tune-Up Your Ride

You can save money and live a little greener by visiting your mechanic. A tune up gets your car running more efficiently and properly inflated tires can improve your gas mileage and reduce emissions. Win-win!


If you care about climate policy, vote for people who care about the environment! Register to vote online, in-person, or by mail – and make your voice heard.

Join a Community Board

You only need to be 16 to join your community board. To start with, try attending a meeting. Learn what CBs do – and then find yours.

Participate in Budgeting

The People’s Money, run by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC), is the first citywide Participatory Budgeting (PB) process in New York City. All New Yorkers, regardless of citizenship status, will get to decide how to spend $5 million of Mayoral expense funding to address local community needs. Read all the borough proposals.


If you care about climate change, you can volunteer for tree care, environmental projects, forest restoration and farms. Find opportunities right now near where you live, on your time.

Bring It!

You heard it here first, single-use plastics are done. Grab your reusable and Bring It whenever and wherever you go. Take the Bring It pledge and get tips on how you can be more sustainable everyday.

Second Hand = First Rate

No matter what it is, you can find it pre-owned in NYC. You’ll be up-cycling, saving money, and keeping that stuff out of landfills. In a city with prices like ours, we give you the steals (not literally) of the city! Start your search for stuff at DonateNYC.

Reduce, Reuse...You know the rest!

(It’s recycle by the way)
Recycling cuts out the landfill and makes our future that much better. Learn what, where, and how you can start recycling today!

Less (Packaging) is More

When you buy items with minimal or recycled packaging, you’re cutting down on the 570 billion pounds of waste we throw away every year. Why does our stuff need all that packaging anyway?