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A mission this big needs the power of the people.

GreeNYC is an ally for New Yorkers who want to lower their energy costs, reduce waste, and make an impact on environmental justice.


家庭泄漏可能会降低您的每月预算。密封门、窗和壁炉,以保持暖空气进入和冷空气排出。学习更多关于 密封泄漏 和 易门密封.

切换到 LED

什么比白炽灯泡的使用寿命长 25%,并且可以为您节省高达 75% 的电费? LED灯泡!做出改变——这对我们的星球更好,对你的钱包也更好!


用冷水洗衣服可以节省大量的能源和金钱——每件衣服只需支付 4 美分。哦,你想节省更多吗?尝试只洗满负荷并使用晾衣架而不是烘干机!


当您购买带有能源之星标志的电器时,您将使用 10%-50% 更少的能源和水! 查看能源之星网站 了解产品如何获得认可印章。通过绿色来节省一些绿色。


去太阳能比你想象的要容易。它可以降低您的能源费用,让纽约市的未来更加光明!通过访问了解您或您的邻居如何使用太阳能 纽约市晒太阳.


为什么要给空房子供暖?在您离开(或睡着)时将您的恒温器设置为较低的温度,它会为您每月节省 5% 到 15% 的能源费用。这对你的钱包有好处,对地球更好! 了解有关可编程恒温器的更多信息。




Electronics use tons of energy when plugged in, even if they aren’t in use. Turn them off before you head out to save some money and energy. When you’re done for the day, just flip the switch and you’re all good!

Ride a Bike

With almost 1,500 miles of of bike lanes and more than 700 Citi Bike stations, you’ve got plenty of options for a climate-smart commute. Biking is fun, gets you moving, and cuts down on greenhouse gases.

Take Public Transit

Why drive when you can ride? NYC has one of the largest public transit systems in the world. So take the subway 或者 bus, sit back, relax, watch that video, and maybe even take a nap (just don’t miss your stop)!

Share a Car

You can get on-demand access to a vehicle for short-term use, with dedicated parking spaces for eligible carshare organizations (CSO). It improves local air quality, reduces congestion, lowers household transportation costs, and improves mobility options.

Drive an EV

There has never been a better time for car owners to go electric. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more affordable, battery range is increasing, and more models are hitting the market. Whether trading in or starting new, consider a car that saves you money – and that helps save the planet. There are unprecedented state 或者 federal rebates, too!


做绿色英雄,别再闲着了!让您的汽车空转 11 秒比重新启动浪费更多的燃料,而且路边空转是非法的。所以节省一些汽油,避免买票,让我们大家的空气好一点!




If you care about climate policy, vote for people who care about the environment! Register to vote online, in-person, or by mail – and make your voice heard.

Join a Community Board

You only need to be 16 to join your community board. To start with, try attending a meeting. Learn what CBs do – and then find yours.

Participate in Budgeting

The People’s Money, run by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC), is the first citywide Participatory Budgeting (PB) process in New York City. All New Yorkers, regardless of citizenship status, will get to decide how to spend $5 million of Mayoral expense funding to address local community needs. Read all the borough proposals.


If you care about climate change, you can volunteer for tree care, environmental projects, forest restoration and farms. Find opportunities right now near where you live, on your time.


您首先在这里听到它,一次性塑料已完成。随时随地携带可重复使用的物品。 接受带来它的承诺 并获取有关如何每天更可持续发展的提示。

二手 = 一流的

无论它是什么,您都可以在纽约市找到它的二手货。您将进行升级循环,节省资金,并将这些东西远离垃圾填埋场。在像我们这样价格的城市中,我们为您提供城市的偷窃(不是字面意思)!在以下位置开始搜索东西 捐赠纽约市.


回收利用减少了垃圾填埋场,让我们的未来变得更好。 了解今天开始回收的内容、地点和方式!

Less (包装) is More

当您购买使用最少或回收包装的物品时,您将减少我们每年丢弃的 5700 亿磅垃圾。为什么我们的东西还需要所有的包装?