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Accelerating geothermal district heating.

To further accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies and transition away from fossil fuel-based heating, the City has committed to pursuing a district-scale geothermal demonstration project in accordance with Local Law 2 of 2022. Geothermal heat pumps, or ground-source heat pumps, rely on the constant temperature beneath the Earth’s surface to provide clean and efficient heating and cooling, while using less electricity than other types of heat pumps. The City has already built building-level geothermal projects, including at the FDNY Rescue Company 2 facility in Brooklyn and at PS 62 on Staten Island. After working with the City Council to pass legislation, the City is evaluating the feasibility of district-scale systems that connect multiple buildings to shared infrastructure, which can realize further efficiencies and maximize environmental benefits through balanced loads and a diversity of thermal sources and sinks.

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