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Communicating with, educating, and learning from New Yorkers.

Climate change is a generational issue. Communicating with, educating, and learning from New Yorkers of all ages is crucial to ensure our work is grounded in the needs of our city today and into the future. By working with primary, secondary and higher education partners to embed climate into curricula, students learn why climate action is important and how they can contribute to solutions. In addition to students, MOCEJ also works to engage and inform all New Yorkers about our city’s climate hazards, the actions we are taking, and the resources they need to protect themselves and help meet our ambitious climate goals.

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When we bring our voices, our action, and our advocacy to our schools, our homes, and our workplaces, we can create a more sustainable and resilient future for the 8.3 million people who call our five boroughs home.

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