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In January 2022, Mayor Eric Adams created a new configuration of the City’s climate team, bringing together people working on climate resiliency, sustainability, and environmental coordination and remediation. We are all united under one umbrella to do the critical work of addressing climate change in our city with a focus on equity, justice, and public health.

As New Yorkers know, our city is already experiencing a variety of climate hazards, including chronic conditions such as heat, tidal flooding, and air pollution, as well as acute events such as coastal storm surge, extreme rainfall, and power outages. MOCEJ leads the City’s strategy to protect us from climate challenges while improving health and quality of life.

We aim to advance environmental justice, which is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, with respect to environmental regulations and actions and the distribution of environmental benefits. We collaborate with agency partners, stakeholders in many sectors, electeds, and New York communities as we work to improve and save lives in the greatest city in the world.

For information about what you can do to make an impact on the environment, visit green.nyc.

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