Hurricane Sandy Ten Years Later - NYC Mayor's Office of Climate and Environmental Justice
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Hurricane Sandy Ten Years Later

Superstorm Sandy showed us the devastation that storms, supercharged by climate change, can bring to a city. Forty-four of our neighbors were taken from us. We lost grandparents, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, friends. Our hearts were broken that day.

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عندما نأتي بأصواتنا وأعمالنا ومناصرتنا إلى مدارسنا ومنازلنا وأماكن عملنا ، يمكننا خلق مستقبل أكثر استدامة ومرونة لـ 8.6 مليون شخص الذين يطلقون على أحياءنا الخمسة موطنهم.

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