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NYC Appeal of FEMA’s Preliminary FIRM Maps

Some properties in New York City are federally required to carry flood insurance, including those located in high-risk areas of flooding on FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) who have a federally-backed mortgage or who have previously received federal disaster assistance (e.g., Build It Back). FEMA’s flood maps are designed to show flood risk, determine areas where flood insurance is required, and are used to inform the City’s building codes and zoning codes. It is important to remember that FIRMs are not the same as NYC Emergency Management’s Evacuation Maps. Additionally, the stormwater flood maps recently released by NYC DEP are different from FEMA’s maps and do not impact flood insurance requirements. FEMA released new Preliminary FIRMS in 2015, however, after a thorough review NYC appealed these maps. FEMA is in the process of updating the FIRMS following the appeal with new data and information.

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