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기후 취약성, 영향 및 적응 분석(VIA)

기후 취약성, 영향 및 적응 분석(VIA)은 미래의 기후 변화와 그 잠재적 영향을 평가하여 뉴욕시의 의사 결정에 정보를 제공합니다.

The Town+Gown New York City Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts, and Adaptation Study (VIA) brought together an interdisciplinary team of researchers, climate scientists, and professionals — co-led by The New School’s Timon McPhearson and Joel Towers — to work closely with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice (MOCEJ), interagency collaborators, and the New York City Panel on Climate Change, to develop a comprehensive analysis of, and deliver data on, future climate conditions and associated socio-economic impacts in New York City. 

The VIA team includes colleagues from Arcadis, Columbia University, Cornell University, City University of New York, Drexel University, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, NASA/GISS, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Population Council, Sarah Lawrence College, Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay (SRIJB), Stevens Institute of Technology, and USDA Forest Service.

The report covers the following topics:  

● Climate Projections and Climate-Sensitive Hazards for NYC Region  

● Current and Future Extreme Heavy Rainfall in New York City  

● Systematic Assessment of Health-Related Economic Costs from Climate-Sensitive Events in New York City  

● Flooding Vulnerability Index and Impact Assessment for New York City

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