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Citywide Organics Study
Citywide Organics Study

To maximize the benefits of organic waste streams, and to prioritize environmental justice, the City is undertaking an interagency study between MOCEJ, DCAS, DEP, NYC Parks, and DSNY.

To date, organics have been managed individually by agencies, with limited coordination. However, multiple agencies have feedstocks, assets, and operational capacities that may facilitate comprehensive and coordinated organic waste management. For example: co-digestion of food waste with wastewater at DEP wastewater resource recovery facilities; beneficial use of uncontaminated organic waste sources from Parks’ leaf and tree debris; and leveraging DSNY compost facilities and contracts for source separated food and yard waste management from residents and businesses.

The purpose of the 2-year study is to analyze information about organics in NYC, including:

– Compiling best practices from around the world
– Generating analytical tools to quantify organic waste streams and model material flows
– Identifying improvements to collection, pre-processing
– Recommending end use alternatives that maximize emissions reductions
– Prioritizing Environmental Justice in both stakeholder engagement and in the study’s recommendations

Read a summary of the study scope here.