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Research & Findings Memos

Buildings account for nearly 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, thus decarbonizing the building stock is critical to reaching NYC climate goals. Energy efficiency and electrification of space and water heating are the two key pathways to reducing buildings’ GHG footprint. This study was conducted to analyze the missing funding that is required to electrify NYC’s rent-stabilized unsubsidized building stock, as well as the analyze the impacts of building electrification on tenant energy bills.

Building Electrification – Research & Findings Memo

This study focused on opportunities to replace fossil fuel-fired power plants in NYC with battery storage. The analysis examined the impacts of New York’s climate goals on its electricity mix, including the construction of new offshore wind resources and other local renewables.

Energy Storage – Research & Findings Memo

Download Energy Storage Siting Analysis Findings

This research evaluated electrification load impacts and interactions with the Con Edison distribution system under several load management scenarios to assess the value of increased load management and exporting technologies.

Grid Readiness – Research & Findings Memo

This analysis found that there are limited siting opportunities for roof-mounted and ground mounted wind turbines in the city. Most viable sites would generate more electricity using solar panels, making in-city wind an unfavorable option for energy infrastructure development.

In-City Wind – Research & Findings Memo

This research area focused on ways to use City-owned property for clean energy development more efficiently. Research focused on developing community solar on public land using site access agreements and power purchase agreements, consistent with how the City currently develops rooftop solar for its own power generation. The research included a financial analysis of the optimal financing structure for community solar development in a post-IRA context, a prioritization framework for development site selection, and an initial list of potential sites for a City-run community solar pilot project.

Public Lands – Research & Findings Memo

This study examined the lifetime costs and benefits of electric school buses compared to conventional diesel buses, with the goal of providing implementation recommendations to the City and its bus operators. Key topics examined in this analysis include the ability of buses to manage charging, potential feasibility of revenue from vehicle-to-grid (V2G), charger sharing, power level of chargers, and the timeline for the electrification transition.

School Bus Electrification – Research & Findings Memo


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